Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am almost done with the invitations. Just a couple more whose addresses I need to get or verify.

Doing the invitations has been my favorite part of wedding planning so far. It's not stressful like some of the other parts -- instead it's methodical and relaxing.

As I write the addresses, I think about each person. Here are my cousins -- I wonder if they will make it. I think about the good times we have and the closeness I've had with them all my life. I hope we will stay close after I'm married, even though I'll be living far away. Now here is some of John's family. I trace their unfamiliar address, spell out the name of their hometown. I don't know these people, and yet I'm filled with wonder as I reflect that they will soon be my family too. I hope they come to the wedding, so that I will get to meet them soon.

I used to be a little afraid of having so many strangers at the wedding. Now I've realized that once I'm married, these people won't be strangers anymore. They will be friends and family by extension; people I don't know yet, but who are bound to me already. The wedding reception will be a chance for me to gaze over my newfound wealth -- a treasure in each friend of his who becomes a friend of mine -- of ours.

Some of the people I sent invitations to, I know won't come. But I want them to know they were welcome and wanted. My dream wedding would have been close to everyone, no more than a few minutes' drive for everyone we cared about. But it could not be, and I know the closest some people will come to our wedding is looking over the invitation. At least they get to be that close.

Writing those invitations just reminded me of how much I love these people -- those I have met and those I haven't, those who will be there and those who won't. This has just been the beginning of something the wedding will be the fullness of -- seeing all those whom we love and who love us gathered around for the greatest change of our lives.