Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Twilight scares me

Or, at least, part of the reason. Mostly I hate it because it's unrealistic and badly written. Then I hate it because vampires are a traditional symbol of lust, and I don't think that symbolism has really been purged out of their depiction in Twilight. After that, there are all of the very good reasons in this article.

And after that, there is the fact that the 13-year-old girls in my classes are reading them, and picking up some highly inappropriate ideas -- including some pretty darn weird ideas about sex and relationships. Maybe adults would be able to see past this and make judgments about it, but the age group that is reading these books definitely should not be.

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Meredith said...

Ugh, Twilight! I hate it too. My mom and sister love it, in a not-quite-serious way (thank goodness). I very much agree that it could be toxic for young teenage girls. (I think that older teens and college students should all read Seraphic's blog as an antidote to that sort of thing!)